Hello world!

We love to share everything #makered. So, my dear international friends: here’s a list of our thingies we translated for you already. We hope you like them. And we love feedback: @astridpoot.

50 tools poster

We believe it is really important for children to encounter loads of different tools before the age of 12. So we made a poster. A lot of Dutch children got it for Sinterklaas (our Christmas), with a tool. That made us very proud. It is available in Dutch, Frysk and now also in English! (Danish, German en Spanish will follow soon):

Why this poster? This is why; read: 5 very pressing reasons to make our children into makers!

We also made a little booklet about this: download, print, cut and fold!

How to activate a maker: three strategies

I wrote about the three strategies makers use, and how you can activate them without pushing makers into a fixed process. This is my ongoing research, your thoughts on it are very welcome!

Make with your children

We also made a little booklet, in which we share our thoughts on creating the right circumstances for making makers at home. Free to download and share!

Becoming a maker

And I made a comic about how I became a maker and how we might think about making makers in schools. A lovely story about fooling the police, making marmelade and being brave 🙂 A tribute to my parents <3 Please download and share!

Gosh, don’t you just love makered? We do. We really do.