Book: Bo is building a boat

Our world needs makers. Children that understand you can make things instead of buying are happier, feel stronger and can deal with the temptations of digital better. Makers are more creative and resourceful and have more self-confidence. Exactly what Astrid Poot and Dieuwertje Boeren want to achieve with their book: to make more makers.

The story

Bo is building a boat is a lovely story about friendship, doubts, perseverance, creativity an solving problems together.

The bridge between Bo’s house and that of her grandfather will be torn down. A disaster, because it is the only way to get to her grandpa for a secret soda and the slightly shocking stories he likes to tell. She decides she wants to build a boat. In an empty barn she gets to work…

While building she learns about a nasty secret grandfather carries around that almost make her abort her plans.  She overcomes difficulties, get’s a helping hand from an unexpected source and has a bigger impact on her grandfathers life than she could ever foresee. 


Bo is building a boat is also a book on tools: where do they come from, how can you use them and what can you make with it yourself?

Did you know the pocketknife was actually invented by the Romans? And that it didn’t even carry a knife in it? And what about the musical saw, does that saw at all? And be like Bo: make rope with your power-drill, and bind books with a glue gun! And a saw? You can just make one yourself!

What you see is what you can become

Astrid en Dieuwertje came up with the book together. It is their goal to inspire children in many different ways. With a compelling story with many illustrations, with fun facts about tools and load of ideas for your own creative projects. They hope to turn inspiration into frantic making! And main character Bo shows that girls are excellent makers too. What you see is what you can become.

Bo is building a boat is made for children age nine and up. (And parents, and teachers, and grans and grannies, and neighbours and the rest!) It is only available in Dutch at the moment. Please get in touch for the translation to your language:

Dieuwertje Boeren is a writer and primary school teacher. Astrid Poot is creative director of awardwinning agency Familie van Fonk and cofounder and chair of  foundation Lekkersamenklooien. (Happily messing around together.) Astrid writes about making (like this one, with the five reasons to make makers) and is the inventor of Klooikoffers and the project Making makers.