The big book on tools, chapter 2: the drill!

Did it!

Voila: chapter 2: the drill. A lovely tool with an exciting history.

Max and Ro learn that the drill has been around for ages. A Pakistan dentist used one on his patients: ‘Archaeologists discovered a Neolithic grave yard in Mehrgrath, Pakistan dating from the time of the Harappans, around 7,500–9,000 years ago, containing 9 adult bodies with a total of 11 teeth that had been drilled.’ (Wikipedia)

Max put everything into her journal. Many good stories to tell about the drill. I must say, I have become a real Steven A. Morse fan.

And the best: to make your own drill! We did elaborate testing and have holes in all our wooden possessions. (I jut love those maker souvenirs everywhere).

This is how it’s done:


Print this one on A3 or Tabloid to get a pretty small booklet:

Fold and cut like this:

Or read on your digital thingy

Download this one:

Enjoy! Want more? Here’s chapter 1.