Content structure tool-chapters

For the contributors the the Big Book I made a little outline of the content structure for the tool-chapters, this might help you in your research! I’ve put my wip on the drill-chapter in as an example. Feedback welcome as always! <3

Page 1: front cover
  • Concept: Max and Ro active with the tool, in a challenging situation, either funny or a little dangerous. Co-authors or contributors are credited on the front cover.
  • Example content (the drill): Max and Ro are both drilling something. Max is a little hesitant (but will develop into a bold maker in a few chapters), Bo is just drilling.

Page 2 and 3: origin
  • Concept: Max and Ro look at the tool and wonder where it came from. They start doing research and connect to people from the past or present. (Max taking the lead.) They always use the phone to connect, even when the past is very far away. The people (one ore more) they talk to explain the origin of the tool. Text in speech bubbles is first person perspective, other text as something Max wrote.
  • Example content (the drill): Max and Ro talk to an Afghan dentist who uses a bow drill to treat his patients. He explains the three steps it took to invent the drill: push and turn, grind with added sand, add speed with the bow. The dentist complains that he’d really needs to have continuous movement in his drill. ‘It would be great if someone invented that!’

Page 4 and 5: nowadays
  • Concept: We see the progress on the research in Max’ log. In the log the present time is added. This can be just pictures of tools with little explanatory text, or more story-type content. We show the common tools we all know, but also the extreme varieties. This spread also contains strange anecdotes and funny facts. (Like concrete having been un-invented!) Text is as if Max wrote it.
  • Example content (the drill): We meet the inventor of the modern day drill-bit (Steven A. Morse, 1861) and read how that works. We see the ferret-drill and the common battery operated drill. We learn that the hammer drill was a medieval invention: used for hammering down city walls! And finally we see a picture of Max and Ro visiting a very big tunnel drill.

Page 6 and 7: DIY
  • Concept: We offer one or two activities that are challenging and really help to understand the tool. The activities are a little unexpected. Not sure about the text yet: either it is Max writing (that would allow us to put her personality into it and could show her development as a maker) or ‘neutral’ text.
  • Example content (the drill): We make our own bow drill and twist a little strip of tin-plate into a drill bit.
Page 8: back cover
  • Concept: An explanation of the project, call for partners and links to the websites of the contributing partners of this chapter. (You!) Mainly text, written as ‘neutral’ text. (Not the voice of Max.)