Big Book, Chapter 3: concrete!

This blog is part of a series about the Big Book on tools. Need catching up? Here’s the whole story!

The grand Susan Klimczak and John Lynch (collaborators in fun!) took on the chapter on concrete: ‘We’ve been making tilt sensors that have 3D print bases filled with concrete and John is fascinated by the history and chemistry of concrete! ‘

John sent me the most amazing sketches. I love it when someone else uses my characters in their stories 🙂 He really made Max and Ro come to life.

I translated the sketches to setups for the pages and got busy.

Inventors everywhere

The story of concrete is amazing! Did you know that concrete has been around for 10.000 years already?

The Ming Chinese used sticky rice to make the Great Wall shock resistant, and the Romans discovered waterproof concrete. (Useful for all their bathing!) And finally Joseph Aspdin discovered how to mass produce concrete. We still use his recipe today!

Get busy!

Max and Ro try to make their own recipe. And explain how you can use concrete yourself (no worries, you’ll use a mass produced bag).

So here it is!

Print on A3 or tabloid, cut and fold like this:

Enjoy! (And in case you worried: Smelly Rabbit is doing ok.)