Makered? Make your own education!

As I felt like making a mountain of illustrations, this blog on how to implement Maker into education is a visual blog. It will be published in Dutch (and in PRINT! wow, do I love print) in the special edition on #Makered by JSW Magazine. (Available from March 29.)

This translation is for our international friends. Here we go! (Disclaimer: It looks best on desktop or tablet, and maybe not so good on a smartphone.)titlemaker01_witmaker02_witmaker03_witmaker04_witmaker05_witmaker06_witmaker07_witmaker08_witmaker09_nwIn #makered, nobody is alone! Thank you for your knowledge, inspiration, frantic maker sessions and on- and offline discussions @arjanvandermeij, @___pi, @mhazelaar, @hesterij, @annekefd, @McLemoreAve, @EvaNaaijkens, @peetsneekes@smartinez, @suzedewit and many more.