Six conditions for making your child into a maker

When making you learn as you go along. I thought it would be nice to put our collected experiences into writing (and drawing). So, a little book(let) on making in families. For all to enjoy: parents, carers, teachers, grandparents, neighbours, and the lot. (And -sharing is caring- of course you can download it for free. And share!)allemaalBased on our own experiences: (left to right) Peet, Rufus, me, Roel, Floor, Matthijs and Nika.

In this book, I tell about making: what does it take?


How can you make making interesting for you as an adult? And how come it is sometimes hard to keep you focus? (When your phone starts buzzing…)


We ponder on how nice it is to muse away the time. And how important is attentive attention? 


And finally we have 5 tips.

Sounds good? Download now! (Please keep the creative commons licence in mind.)


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