MAKE me blush!

Suddenly the tweets came in. ‘Congratulations!’ And ‘Well done!’ Ehh, ok?

Then I saw it:


Oh My God. Make: Education put me in their newsletter. Calling me all sorts of things. ‘Dutch maker’, ‘brilliant handouts’, ‘rich and compelling’. And ‘Astrid’s handouts are wonderful for the holiday break.

I was shaking by the time I got this deep into the text.

And ‘Please consider sending them to parents you know. One of the best ways we can create more makers is to encourage making at home — as a fun activity, as an alternative to screen time, and as a time for imagination and play to come together.’ 

By now I was screaming. To my kids, my husband and on all media I use. YES! I AM NOT CRAZY! I AM NOT JUST A DON QUICHOTTE, THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! THEY AGREE! IT SHOULD BE AT HOME TOO!

Now I have this stupid grin for quite a few hours already. (Starting to hurt a little.) To be noticed, and quoted, and promoted by Make is the best for a maker. Or like my friend the supermaker-teacher and everything Arjan said:


‘You can’t get much further in #makered land.’ I know. Thank you.

These are the publications Make mentioned:

And this one might be fun to:

I think I’ll step outside and scream some more. For an hour or two. And after that I’ll eye my social channels very intently and wait for someone to invite me over to discuss strategies on getting families into making. Yes, that would be cool.